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Lovin' us yet?

It’s okay if you don’t *cries in words*
but hey you still earn  10% commish  on anyone you send our way!

How does it work?

Tell your sign-up to put your name when they fill out the form. It’s as simple as that!

How do I get paid?

Payment will be made through Wise or local bank transfers.

How much do I earn?

10%! If we close a $5,000 deal with someone you refer, you’ll get $500… just bc you told them about us! EZ!!!

However, no added commission will be earned if they come forward for any future projects (retainers, collabs, business partnerships).

When do I get paid?

Your commission will be paid after both the invoice AND the project are complete. This means:

(1) If they opt for a 3-month payment plan and the project is finished on the 4th month, you’ll get your commish on the 4th month.

(2) If a client fails to complete their invoice or project, no commission will be paid.

Work Collaboration


Only when you’re ready *winks*

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with SO Digital?

Sometimes our clients ask for sales copy. Sometimes, they ask for referrals (lol #notcomplaining).

And we SUPER hate it when we can’t send any amazing people their way.

So, let’s cut the crap. Whether you do branding, graphic design, funnels, video editing, social media, or whatever goddamn impressive skillset you have, I’d love to know. Fill out the form and let’s work together.


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(skill + niche — preferably worked with women coaches and service-based CEOs!)

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