Make way for the kween (aka You!)

Ditch the waitlist and long-ass timelines. Get sales copy in a day, all done for you.

$24K and a sold-out launch

“My sales page copy has brought in $24,000 sales. I filled the program easily after. The program was full! I absolutely adore Sofia. Her attention to detail and her creative use of words exceeded my expectations!”

Courtney Taylor
Mediumship Coach

So I heard your launch is around the corner and you’re…

Crunched for time and chasing deadlines (Real talk: you should be getting money bags, not eyebags!)

Buried in post-it notes + to-do lists + 43 open tabs

Having a staring contest with a blank doc while wishing your copy would write itself (uhm, even 11:11 is rolling her eyes)

Worst: The VERY FEW highly-skilled and results-getting copywriters are fully booked as you read this (You don’t wanna push your launch back the sixth time around, do you?)

TBH, no kween deserves this nightmare

(Can I get a hooyah?!)

Now’s the time I pop in and flex some good news…

Snagging a holistic, results-driven sales copy *real quick* is possible.

You just need one, uninterrupted day and a kick-ass copywriter to write it for you (not to brag or anything, but I volunteer as a tribute!)


Investment: $ 3,000


A one-day copywriting intensive for the kweens who want holistic, results-driven copy. Minus the wait. Minus the draaag.

Turn words into clients, in no time

What long lines?! You’re getting sales copy that gets raving fans just in time for your *original* plan, as you should.

Spot my signature holistic copy method in action

The proven method that brought in 6 to 7 figure results (thanks to 10+ years of writing experience), ALL packed in one day.

Whip up a sold-out offer

And I meant sign-ups after sign-ups plus clients screaming “HELL YES!”

JSYK, we make the day about YOU and just YOU.

That means you’re signing up for my undivided attention while I drop all the distractions (Netflix who? I don’t know her!).

Investment: $3,000  $2,500

Here’s what can go down in a VIP Day…

Sales Page

(1 day)

A full short-form sales page that’s backed up by research, grasps your messaging, and pops with personality. (Also open for long-form sales page which may take up to 2 days!)

Website Copy

(1-2 days)

A 3-page website copy that keeps your ideal clients glued and sounds like you more than you do.

Launch Email Sequence

(1-2 days)

A line-up of pre-launch, launch, and post-launch email sequences perf if you’re, well, *launching* a program or offer soon.

Welcome and Nurture Email Sequences

(1 day)

A squad of emails to make your ideal clients addicted to you and what you can offer.

Collection of Copy Projects

(1 day)

I’m talking copy pieces in the form of headlines, taglines, FB ads copy, short landing pages, product descriptions, social media captions, and whatever floats your boat!


$ 3,000

$ 2500

Hold up, want a mix of ‘em?

Let’s talk it out! Your VIP Day can be custom-fit to your needs.

VIP Days require a ton of energy. It’s me pouring my 10+ years of experience, expertise, and brain cells in value-packed day/s.


That’s why I’m limiting this offer to 1 VIP CLIENT PER WEEK ONLY.
(So don’t be shy now, score your spot before someone else does.)

Immediate sales

“Professional, on point, and really took the time to understand my needs to craft the most authentic copy for my business. 2 immediate sales from my website, my clients mentioned how much they liked the copy. Sofia is the go-to copywriter!”

Michelle Wong
Business Coach

Copy that *really* converts

​​”The sales pages Sofia has written for us are amazing!!! I’m happy that I’m getting so many leads. We appreciate her efforts and think her copy is great. She is super talented!”

Raquel Quinet
Business Coach

Easy, simple, fast.

"150% recommend SO Digital Copy Studio. Sofia and her team made the process easy to understand, simple to execute, and worked in an extremely fast manner. Sofia didn't mind me going into a lot of detail about my ideas and the info I wanted to include. It made it easier and faster for her to do her job, so don't be afraid to go into detail about your vision for your business.”

Destiny Grandi
Life Coach


Before I forget…

Hey, I’m Sofia.

And I believe big things can happen in one day.

My journey of helping women coaches, service-based CEOs, and entrepreneurs hit 6 and 7 figure launches has led me to come up with my signature holistic copy method.

A method designed to get MAXIMUM CONVERSIONS (and dollah dollah bills) through mad mad research, messaging, exploration of personality, and custom strategy.

And I am ecstatic to apply this method to your business and get you a sales copy faster as we go through the K-W-E-E-N process.

This is how we do it


(I know you sang that!)

K - Kick-off

Once you scoop up a spot and we decide it’s a fit, you’ll receive a VIP Day Workbook that’s designed to ask about the ins and outs of your biz. We’ll hop on a 1:1 kick-off call then I’ll conduct ALL necessary prep work (studies, interviews, surveys—the SO Digital way!). 

W - Werk

It’s VIP Day (aka your spa day!). Using my tested and loved holistic copy method, I’ll whip up a copy that will make your ideal clients drool over down to the last word and scream “HELL YES!” to your offer. This while you treat yourself to a me-time all day!

E - Explain

An (optional) explanation or walkthrough video will be on your way to make sure you feel extraaa confident as you march forward!

E - Edit

Got edits? Collaboration over anything! You can pop in at this point and share your thoughts, simply because you deserve perfection!

N - Nailed it!

Your ready-to-launch sales copy is here! Now let out a big sigh ‘cause it’s time for a happy dance!

Investment: $3,000  $2,500

Immediate sales

“Professional, on point, and really took the time to understand my needs to craft the most authentic copy for my business. 2 immediate sales from my website, my clients mentioned how much they liked the copy. Sofia is the go-to copywriter!”

Michelle Wong
Business Coach

If you’re doubting, just do it.

It is such a unique experience to read something that was written by someone other than you and yet sounds like your voice and like I wrote it. Sofia is a true professional and is incredibly skilled at finding your voice and writing clear copy that sounds just like you. If you’re doubting, just do it. She knows exactly what she is doing and has proven results!

Jen Medders
Business Coach

Worth every penny (in all caps)

“No one could understand my voice before I met Sofia. She literally got me on our discovery call, I was like I’M SOLD!!! If you're having doubts about making investments, I was there in your spot. But, I'm here to tell you that your business will grow with all your copywriting needs because of her! SHE'S WORTH EVERY PENNY! I so love Sofia, and you'll love her too!”

Angelica Joaquin
ClickUp and Kajabi Expert, Star Design Capital

Just like how it’s been for them,


Saying goodbye to eyebags, 43 open tabs, and staring contests with Google Docs

Scheduling a spa day and not worrying even a single second about your sales copy

Going back to a website, sales page, and email sequence aka unli-sales machine, all done and ready to be flaunted to the world

Ditching waitlists and freak-outs because you’ll have your sales copy today. Not tomorrow. Not next month. Today!

Ready to be a VIP today?


Who is your VIP Day designed for?

Who is your VIP Day designed for?

Truth bomb: I only work with businesses I align with. Specifically, coaches, course creators, consultants, and digital-based entrepreneurs.

That’s why our process starts with an application form (plus an initial call if needed) to see if we vibe. That way, I’m deadass confident that I can help you increase impact, conversions, and profit through your sales copy.

Whenever you’re ready, scoop up a VIP Day here.

How soon can I book a VIP Day?

How soon can I book a VIP Day?

Full transparency: I’m typically booked out 4-6 weeks in advance. If you’re running on tight deadlines, now’s the time to book a spot!

Do you offer a refund?

Do you offer a refund?

Due to the nature of this program, we don't offer any refund.

What if my project ends up taking longer than expected?

What if my project ends up taking longer than expected?

Easy! If we realized along the process that your project requires more time than needed we can always sched another full-day or half-day intensive.

We can talk it out during our initial call. You can get a schedule here.

Can I scoop up multiple VIP Days?

Can I scoop up multiple VIP Days?

Of course! It makes perfect sense, especially for some larger, mix-and-match projects. (Come to think of it: the more copy we do, the more consistent your messaging in different platforms gets!)

Let’s talk about it today.

How is this different from the rest of your offers?

How is this different from the rest of your offers?

While the typical done-for-you copywriting is built out across several weeks, VIP Day is designed for us to produce your sales copy faster. Thanks to yeaaars of writing, I’ve perfected a method to help you produce a holistic, results-driven copy real quick.

After all, smart work beats hard work! SO, don’t be shy now, snag a VIP Day here.

More receipts, you ask?

Got them right here!

See, there are two types of kweens in the world.

Those who want results fast. And those who want results faster.

Ready to be treated like the kween you are?

Let's jam on the 'gram